Anxiety : Why Has It Become Such A Serious Problem In Our Society?

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Anxiety can come in many forms, from generalised anxiety disorder to panic disorder and specific phobias. Around one in six people in the UK currently suffer from a mental health problem, and anxiety is one of the most common.

Over the past few years, anxiety has become increasingly prevalent in our society. More people than ever before are suffering from worrying and intrusive thoughts and the physical changes that are associated with them such as higher heart rates and reduced immunity.

Although anxiety may be a natural process, when it gets out of hand it can be debilitating. The severe physical responses that sufferers experience can interfere significantly with their daily lives, and they can make everyday activities extremely difficult.

As a wellbeing coach in London, I help people who suffer from anxiety on a regular basis and this has led me to question why anxiety has become such a serious problem these days.

What Has Changed To Cause Anxiety Levels To Rise?

There’s no single answer to this question. Nobody knows precisely why anxiety has become so widespread, but there are a number of factors which come into play. Social media and poor sleep habits are just two of the factors that have been linked with higher levels of anxiety in society today.

Instagram and Facebook have led to more of us comparing our lifestyles with those of others, and this has led to FOMO – fear of missing out – something that is a likely cause of anxiety. Furthermore, social media has been proven to be addictive, causing dopamine increases that are more commonly linked with drug use.

Also, the increased level of technology use has resulted in more artificial lighting and blue light waves that are emitted from computers and phones which cause poor sleep patterns. Using devices late in the evening has an adverse effect on melatonin production in the body, and this causes insomnia and disrupted sleep.

Since good quality sleep is an essential component in mental wellbeing, this also helps to explain why more people are struggling with anxiety than ever before.

Seeking Help For Anxiety From A Mindset Coach In London

If you’re experiencing mental health difficulties or have an anxiety disorder, finding ways to address those problems is essential for your overall wellbeing. Unfortunately, though, many people struggle to cope on their own with their issues, and don’t know where to turn to get the support that they need.

As a certified health and lifestyle coach in London, I can help clients to work through these complex issues and to find healthier ways of coping with anxiety, stress, and other associated emotional, difficulties.

By helping sufferers to improve their mindset, I can empower them to cope more effectively with the challenges that they experience in their day to day lives and enable them to deal more appropriately with the various situations that they encounter that would usually trigger their anxiety responses.

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