Can Gut Microbes Really Affect Your Health And Wellbeing?

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As a health coach in London, I’m often asked about gut microbes and whether or not they’re able to actually affect your health. More people have become interested in the role that gut bacteria play in our wellbeing over the past few years after studies have shown that, in fact, many of the symptoms that […]

Top Benefits Of A Plant-Based Diet

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As a personal health coach in London, I often recommend that my clients try to introduce more plant-based foods into their diet. Diets that are focused on beans, wholegrains, seeds, vegetables, fruits and nuts can help to boost immunity, maintain a healthy bodyweight and live a healthier lifestyle. Here are just a few benefits of […]

Best Tips To Practice Mindfulness In Daily Life

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These days, we all live incredibly busy and stressful lives. It can be hard to cope with all the pressures and responsibilities that we find ourselves facing, and this often leads to emotional problems and mental health issues. As a health and lifestyle coach in London, I advise my clients to practice mindfulness in their […]

Improving Your Mental Health

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Struggling with your emotional health in the lockdown? Our experiences in life are driven by our thoughts. “Be patient with yourself. Self-growth is tender; it’s holy ground. There’s no greater investment.” — Stephen Covey The way we think, feel and behave is a result of our mental health.  To have the best possible chance to […]