Global Warming And How It Affects Our Health

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We are all becoming more aware of climate change, and the ways in which global warming is changing the world around us. However, many of us still don’t realise the impact that this crisis is having on our health and wellbeing. Nutritionally and emotionally speaking, global warming is impacting our wellness in a number of […]

The Invisible Effects Of Stress On Your Overall Health

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Whenever we’re exposed to challenging circumstances in our lives, the result is emotional or physical tension. Genetically, we have a flight-or-fight mechanism that helps to protect us from danger. Therefore, whenever our brains perceive us to be in a potentially dangerous situation, it sends signals to the adrenal glands which, in turn, release a flood […]

Anxiety : Why Has It Become Such A Serious Problem In Our Society?

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Anxiety can come in many forms, from generalised anxiety disorder to panic disorder and specific phobias. Around one in six people in the UK currently suffer from a mental health problem, and anxiety is one of the most common. Over the past few years, anxiety has become increasingly prevalent in our society. More people than […]

Alcohol And The Long Term Effects On Our Mental & Physical Wellbeing

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Alcohol has long been known to have an effect on our physical health. Not only is its consumption linked to seven different kinds of cancer, but it can also cause digestive issues, memory problems, rosacea, and insomnia, among other issues. Although many people believe that only excess alcohol consumption over a long period of time […]

Nature vs. Nurture – How Does It Affect My Life?

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One of the longest-running arguments of all time has to be that of nature versus nurture. Do our biological and genetic predispositions have more impact on our lives than the influences from our environment and learning? As a health coach in London, it is clear to me that both have a role to play when […]

How Do Steroids Have An Impact On Your Mood?

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Steroids may be prescribed by a medical professional to treat a health problem, or misused by those who want to bulk up and increase their muscle mass. However, no matter how they are used, steroids can have a major impact on your overall mood. Steroids are known to cause mood swings as a side effect, […]

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