Honesty is, By Far, The Best Policy

Honesty is By Far The Best Policy

Telling people how you really feel and what you really think will ultimately save you a lot of energy. My stepdaughter always told little fibs and seemed to be building her entire life upon one lie after another. We became remarkably close over the years and she would often seek my advice on various matters.

She is a very bright and charismatic girl and I really couldn’t see the reason for such insecurity. Let us be honest, that is what this is. If you are secure in who you are, then you tell it how it is. You will end up being surrounded by people who love you for who you are.

My stepdaughter had a friend who would always ask her to go to different places that she both could not and did not want to go to. My stepdaughter had been informed that sugar was the underlying reason for her health problems and so she could no longer drink alcohol. She would make up an excuse at least once a month to this particular friend. I put it to her that on average, she would be faced with this exhausting charade over twelve times a year. Wouldn’t it be easier to have a one-off conversation and tell her friend her issue? All this storytelling was exhausting, surely?

Eventually, she took my advice, and it was successful. She was amazed at how simple the process was and was so happy with the outcome – so much so that she adopted this practice of honesty in all things. She became a lady who said it how it is. What a revelation!

I must say, I did find her delivery a little harsh at times and told her so. Saying it how it is is both rewarding and time-saving. I would just advise a little sensitivity with your delivery!


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