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At Physicalwellbeing, I am dedicated to offering a fruitful life to everyone. With my critical pillars towards holistic health, I will help you prioritise yourself and improve your well-being. With this parameter of longevity coach, I will enhance your productivity from the basic level, i.e. at the cellular level.

Through this new field of science, we will add a few more years to your lives without using any invasive techniques.

Physical Well Being

An Ageless Pursuit.

Longevity coach plans are made specifically for your journey

As a seasoned life and longevity coach, I have developed my expertise and focus around the subject of longevity.


My approach to this subject is informed by my foundation in sports science, enabling me to integrate cutting-edge research and tailored strategies for my clients, aiming to tap into their full longevity potential. As a longevity life coach, I know the importance of health and well-being as a whole. For more details, you can contact my team on the website. 

Do I Need A Longevity Coach?

This question shouldn’t create any dilemma in your mind, especially when you are living in such a competitive world. Whether you are suffering from any lifestyle disease or ageing normally, my research on this subject and experience as a longevity coach made me realise the fear of ageing as the years pass. To be specific, I have data that will force you to think about this question again and consider the longevity health coach to live a stress-free life.

Physical Well Being

Key Longevity Statistics

150 years

Maximum lifespan for humans

Source: Scientific American

5 cures

for diseases in our lifetime, including Cancer & Alzheimer’s

Source: Orlando Clinical Research Center


of the variation in human longevity is due to genetic factors

Source: CNN


reduction in heart disease and stroke with mindfulness meditation

Source: Harvard University

Physical Well Being

2 OUT OF 10

people naturally possess genetic characteristics with DNA repair processes contributing to longevity

Physical Well Being

Gifted years, Fulfilled living

From pioneering research on ageing cells and genetic predispositions to revolutionary breakthroughs in regenerative medicine, the boundaries of the human lifespan are continuously expanding. This is possible with an eminent Longevity Wellness Life coach.

Decoding your DNA

Physical Well Being

It is no secret that your DNA – or, in other words, your unique genetic makeup holds the key to your longevity. In a world where scientific advancements are increasingly enabling us to unlock the secrets encoded within, exploring and understanding your DNA becomes a non-negotiable.

Using the most advanced research methods available in 2023, I will assemble your own personal wellness playbook that will give you insight into your inherent cancer risk, carrier status, ancestry background, fitness profile, nutritional needs, and overall well-being and help you as a longevity coach.

Trapped in the inconsistency cycle?

Life is unpredictable, and challenges are bound to arise. This inconsistency doesn’t reflect a lack of dedication on your part; it’s a natural response to the ebb and flow of life.

Here’s how I will keep you accountable to yourself:

Physical Well Being

Frequently Asked Questions

A life coach will holistically cover every aspect of life while counselling you in 8improving your life. On the other hand, a lifestyle coach will focus on changing your habits and taking care of health factors primarily.

There are mixed views about life coaching, but most reviews are on the positive side, which makes it worth it. Life coaching has no side effects. It will only improve your overall well-being.

Every field has its own purpose, where counselling deals with diagnosing mental health and emotional well-being, and life coaching focuses on enhancing the productivity of an individual by improving their life skills. 

Yes, a life coach will guide you through all your real-time life problems and help you positively deal with them. They will teach you life skills by sharing real experiences as examples. Hence, life coaches can never be a bad idea.