What Is The Future Of Preventative Care And Wellness?

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As a life coach, wellness coach and personal trainer in Mayfair, I’m often asked about my opinions on the future of wellness and preventative care. It’s my belief that preventative healthcare must form the foundation of all healthcare systems since prevention is always better than cure.

So, with this in mind, it’s my opinion that treating diseases will become less prevalent in the future as a more proactive approach to prevention becomes more the norm.

After all, treatment can be extremely costly, not least because it requires hospitalisation, special equipment, research-intensive drugs and medical specialists, all of which are expensive. A preventative approach slashes those costs exponentially – something that couldn’t be more important for today’s over-stretched NHS.

As a personal health coach in London, it’s my hope and belief that in the future (hopefully sooner, rather than later), preventative wellness will become the first recourse for everyone so that everybody can enjoy a better lifestyle and better health for longer.

The Role Of Food

I have often said to my clients in my capacity as a health and lifestyle coach in London that “our health is directly influenced by the food that we eat”. Indeed, this area represents an enormous opportunity for growth within the field of preventative healthcare. We all have control over what we put into our bodies, so what easier way of preventing disease than by consuming a healthy, well-balanced diet?

A plant-based, whole foods diet helps to reduce the risks of obesity, heart disease and type II diabetes, and when we consume supplements to make up the shortfall in iron and vitamin B12 that this type of diet causes, we can get just the right balance of nutrients that the human body needs.

Adding plenty of brightly coloured vegetables and fruits into our diet can also help promote wellness thanks to their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Alternatives To Traditional Medications

Synthetic drugs are set to become increasingly more expensive, and with mounting costs for the NHS to cover, it’s likely that the availability of certain medications without a private prescription will eventually reduce.

I believe that in the future, people will be more eager to look for more natural methods to prevent and cure chronic diseases, and so the demand alternative medicines and treatment will rise in turn. Individuals are set to be increasingly likely to turn to meditation, yoga and physical exercise as well as diet-related changes that can make a big difference in a natural way.

Lifestyle Changes

As a wellbeing coach in London, part of my remit is often to help my clients to undergo a complete lifestyle change. After all, prevention will always work best if it’s incorporated into daily routines and when, over time, it becomes a habit.

The future of preventative care and wellness will, I believe and hope, include more natural movement, more purposeful activity, less stress, and more quality time with loved ones. More people will begin to recognise the benefits of health and wellness coaching and will begin to tap into this potential to develop the best version of themselves.

Some of these things can easily be incorporated into our daily routines straight away, while others will take a little more time to integrate. However, eventually, these changes will make a great difference to our overall wellbeing.

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