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Whether it's guiding renowned figures through the challenges of the spotlight or supporting ambitious entrepreneurs in reaching their goals, I have had the honour of coaching a wide array of clients.

My inclusive approach ensures that each client, regardless of their background or status, receives the utmost attention and customised strategies to unlock their full potential and achieve remarkable success in both their personal and professional lives.

Notable clients

Physical Well Being

Sebastian McDonald Hall

Chief Investment Officer - Mcore, Partner & Director - LCP Ltd, Co-founder & Director - Evolve Estates Ltd

Physical Well Being

Sukhpal Singh Ahluwalia

Founder & Non-Executive Chairman, Dominus

Physical Well Being

Prince Zayed Moyeen

Director Far East Knitting & Dyeing Ltd

Physical Well Being

Princess Fadiah Khan

Director Summit Group Technopolis Ltd

Physical Well Being

Moni Varma

CEO & Founder VeTee Rice Group

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Anita Subair
9 February 2021
I met Gary, almost 10 years ago. I was initially introduced to him by a close friend. Her whole family had been working with Gary for a number of years and they only had good things to say about him. We initially tackled weight issues and I had great success with him. He was able to achieve something that many had tried and failed. I have used his services whenever I’m in the Uk. I had my first child recently and Gary’s help was seriously needed after. He helped me shed my excess weight, but most importantly carved out a lifestyle that was maintainable and sustainable long term . I will always use Gary’s many different services. He is someone I value and can trust - he makes the whole process which is normally daunting - to be fun and enjoyable.
Sam Placement consultant
9 February 2021
Hassan. Haneef
8 February 2021
I came to see Physical Wellbeing for fitness related issues. After talking to Gary I realised there was a lot more that I could be doing. Not only for my fitness but also my overall health. It was interesting to see how much it all fits together. I was getting the best results I had ever achieved in my running & cycling (I’m a semi professional triathlete) and I know it was due to all the other work we we’re putting in place. An example of this is my dna test result showed I was lacking in vital vitamins & nutrients. We changed my diet and added some superb supplementation and I was rocking. My positions for competition are now at an all time high. We also did a lot of work around time management. I found that really beneficial. We even touched on sleeping patterns and some sports hypnosis. Gary is a really nice guy. He always seems to find simple solutions to challenges. I recommend his service very highly. A very special coach indeed.
Dounya Nichols
4 February 2021
I have used Gary’s services several times over the last five years. Needles to say my outcomes have always been very good. I am definitely a more balanced and healthier person because of it. This year I’m planning to do a programme with him. I just feel I need that extra push to get a greater understanding and motivation in one department of my life. I highly recommend his services to anyone wanting to make real change possible. Now his main focus is online it has all become so much easier and manageable. Removing the commute has been a godsend.
Andre Mason
3 February 2021
I was introduced to Gary at the beginning of 2020. I had initially wanted to train for a marathon and wanted Gary’s guidance and support. As we all know 2020 was a year like no other. Because of COVID 19 marathons were not happening. In my initial consultation Gary also found issues he felt I should and could easily address. As the marathon training was off I decided to address some life issues. Gary’s lifestyle coaching is really effective. Piece by piece we addressed problems and found simple solutions for them. I am super impressed with him not only as a coach, but also as a person. He’s a great guy and I will certainly be working with him when marathon time is upon his once again.
Nancy Brown
1 February 2021
I was recommended to Gary by a friend at work. She had issues with her weight for years and was visibly shrinking before my eyes. I wasn’t specifically interested in weight loss, but I was very impressed. What I was taken by was how happy and positive she had become. I contacted Gary and we both agreed that a course would be right for me. I had tried to meditate in the past, but I always felt I wasn’t doing it correctly. I had some issues at work and we used meditation to help me cope. I found the course fascinating and I learned so much. My work issue was resolved and I felt so much calmer about things. I have just enrolled on another course with Gary as I was so pleased with the outcome of my first one. I highly recommend his services.
Rebecca Chapman
1 February 2021
I was introduced to Gary by a friend of mine. I liked what they had to say about him and was very impressed with their results. After my initial consultation I had a plan of action. We worked together on a weekly basis for four months. I am still using the techniques I learned from Gary’s Lifestyle Coaching and my life is certainly a lot more balanced. I was really impressed with Gary as a person. I find his approach to wellness a breath of fresh air. I will definitely be using physical wellbeing in the future.
Jenny Hobart
31 January 2021
I found Gary after a family bereavement. It was the first time I had los someone so close to me. Someone who left such a large space in my life after they had gone. I found it extremely difficult to get my head around my present and future. I spoke with Gary at length about my situation and he really listened. I felt like I was talking to someone who really understood my situation. At the end of our initial consultation Gary had a simple, but remarkably effective plan. I was already overwhelmed in my personal life and he seemed to really understand that. I started walking initially, just along the canal. I made the necessary adjustments to my diet and I spoke with Gary on a weekly basis. After 3 months after had joined a local gym. I enrolled on a course which lead to a change of career. Needless to say I was feeling so much better. This didn’t remove the pain of my loss completely obviously, but I had a better way of dealing with it. Gary has made a game changing impact on my life in so many ways. I cannot recommend his services enough.
Tracy Campbell
30 January 2021
I’ve really enjoyed the course I undertook with Gary. I got a chance to deal with a personal issue and put it into perspective. Not only did I remove a long term problem, but I also learned invaluable techniques that I use regularly in my life. Gary’s Lifestyle Coaching is amazing and is so practical and logical. I really appreciated having a different point of view on what seemed hopeless initially. I still have lifestyle coaching with Gary and will continue to do so, for the foreseeable future.
Priscilla Mensah
28 January 2021
I highly recommend Gary. He is knowledgeable and will put you at ease. You will not find a better lifestyle coach in London.
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